Friday, 23 September 2011

Clare series 7

The wait is over, my four followers (plus whoever came upon this site accidentally). Clare series 7 starts this morning at 11.30am and runs for the next five fridays.


  1. I enjoyed the episode, but was frustrated to wait the latter of 20 plus minutes to find out about Brians infedility. I thought it might have been in the previous series but was unable to find any reference. Was it in a previous episode ?

  2. In series 6 Brian developed a crush on Nali and the series ended with him committing adultery but, being Brian, with Nali's twin sister Nuli by accident. It was actually a throwaway gag to round off series 6 but we thought we'd better deal with ii in series 7 ( now being broadcast!).

  3. Series 7 was terrific. The show goes from strength to strength. Please tell me there will be a series 8?