Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hello Again Clare's Legions Of Fans

After a brief hiatus of ten months I thought I would post another blog. When I first launched this page it was my intention to actually write in the character of Clare In The Community, but truth be told I decided that if I came up with anything funny I would put it in the strip or radio script, rather than waste it for free on a blog. No offence, millions of readers in cyberspace.
Anyway, the recordings for Clare In The Community series 7 have just finished and were well received, mostly successful and free from too much backstage/recording booth trauma. I even succeeded in abstaining from alcohol throughout the whole process.
Anyway, Clare series 7 launches on Friday 23 September at 11.30am, on Radio 4.

Here are some photos of the cast pretending to be interested during rehearsals. The photos are my own, and therefore crap.

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